A Different Kind of California State Bar Defense

If you need help responding to a State Bar investigation, you are in the right place.  Megan Zavieh provides a different kind of defense representation.  Ms. Zavieh has been described by clients as “refreshing”, “comforting,” and “effective.”  Bring to her your most stressful problems, and let her take them off your shoulders.  She will guide you through the discipline system, relieve your worst concerns, and walk alongside you until your matter is in your rear view mirror.  Here you will find no judgment, just assistance and solutions.


If the California State Bar has notified you of an investigation, you are in good company.  In 2015, the California State Bar received nearly 16,000 complaints against California attorneys.  (Source: Annual Discipline Report of the State Bar of California.)


Knowing there are thousands of others in your shoes, however, does not make it any easier to handle your own case.  Like all the others, you have an obligation to cooperate with the Bar to resolve the complaint.


You absolutely must respond to the State Bar competently, coherently and completely if you are going to successfully resolve your matter.


As a California attorney specializing in helping attorneys who face disciplinary action from the California State Bar, Megan Zavieh offers two types of representation:


Limited scope representation allows Ms. Zavieh to advise clients based on her comprehensive knowledge of ethics law and experience with the California State Bar and State Bar Court. This type of representation is largely advisory, which is all many attorneys need.  It is a more economical option.


Ms. Zavieh also offers full scope representation, handling cases as counsel of record, managing all communication with the State Bar and State Bar Court, preparing and filing materials and appearing in State Bar Court as needed.  Ms. Zavieh personally evaluates all new matters and provides recommendations as to which level of service is appropriate to the case.